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Welcome to Gospel Revival Ministries!


Our website has been known around the world for many years. With this (our newest) site, we have learned that in the last six months over 70 nations have visited us and many of you have e-mailed requesting information.

GROWING PAINS: We have had some growing pains as we get many requests each week. Many for crusades, but most for affiliation with our organization. Please know right now that it is impossible to answer every question, but we are putting systems together that will help us to help you better in the future. If you have written us and not received a response, it is because we have hundreds of e-mails that we can't answer. We really want to know more about your lives and ministries. We will be adding forms that you can fill out that will enable us to more effectively learn about you and how we can assist you. Soon we will have an "affiliation form," that will be prerequisite to visiting your country or helping with any projects you may have.

The first step I would recommend is to sign up for our free sermons. This way we can get to know you better, what country you are from, and where your heart is.


The first thing we are doing to get to know you better is offering free sermons. For over 25 years GRM sent free gospel literature to over 100 nations of the world. Postage rates have become so high that we could not continue. The Lord gave me the idea of sending e-books, e-sermons, and PowerPoints and now with the internet, this is possible. After seven years this vision is becoming a reality. Now you can get fully outlined sermons to help you preach the Word of God. However, this is just the beginning! In the future those who have signed up to receive our sermons will have access to over 2,000 fully outlined sermons and extensive studies that can be downloaded for free. We already have the outlines we just need time to get them on our site. For now please join our weekly sermon e-mail mailing. egolatrous


This website has been designed to quickly introduce you to the worldwide ministry of GRM. We are now beginning to add more information weekly.

We will be adding things in the future that will also be a blessing to you personally and your ministry. We would appreciate any comments you may have. Come back often and don’t hesitate to send us any prayer requests you may have. They will be typed out and presented to people of prayer.

Until all nations worship the King,

John Musser
President Of Gospel Revival Ministries