It's a Chinese company.

In order to bring about order in this chaos, we need a reliably functioning control mechanism.

Buses, trains and planes convey passengers.

Galileo wanted to work with mathematics.

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If you don't trust them, they won't trust you.

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Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you.


I feel sick.

I have an urge to buy something.

My children like school.

Emma was sitting on the couch next to Lonhyn.

In 1683, the Turks besieged Vienne for the second time.


He who is present, is the vizier.

What were you doing with him, anyway?

All things considered, it's set up so it isn't possible to win.

I nearly got myself killed today.

Boyce wants to become a teacher.

I thought you said the police would never find us here.

How long were you and Brendan together?

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You've both been very impressive today. I'm proud of you.

How do I solve this problem?

That's truly how I feel.

Romain looked around as if waiting for something to happen.

I know where he lives. But it is a secret.


That doesn't sound like much fun.

Divide the candles among you.

Be careful. The soup's very hot.

Why was Reinhard here?

Are you sure you'll be all right?


He made use of the opportunity to improve his English.


It frustrates me to no end.

I must go and find her.

My future is in your hands.

She achieved her goal.

Joking apart, you ought to see a doctor about your headache.

Maybe it was a convincing argument after all.

Connie stopped eating.

Alfred made a list of things he needed to buy.

You have so much potential.

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I narrowly escaped being run over by a truck.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one could not come.

Many people died.

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You deserved that.

Hadn't we better be going now?

One day I had a phone call from a friend. "There's a nice little earner, won't you come round?" so I went to his house.

Do we care?

The earthquake had a magnitude of six on the Richter scale.

I love this book above all.

Karen has yogurt topped with slivered almonds for breakfast.

Did Radek ever tell you why we were so close?

How long does it take for a veterinarian to examine a horse?


The theatre usually opens at this time.

I completed the university course comfortably.

I wouldn't go that way.

Do you ride the train to work?

People buy things they don't need.

Everything in that house revolved upon Aunt The.

Lewis had no desire to stay home by himself.

I'm taking them for a walk.

The ship was flying the American flag.


I can't see in this light.

I am sorry.

He lives with his mother.

All I did was run a little and now my knees are wobbly.

I've always wanted to meet her.

You've never had a pet, have you?

We want respect.


When I called on him, he was not at home.

The worth of friendship is greater than gold.

I'm afraid I can't afford to buy a new car.


Do people really have to hate one another?

Unfortunately, my neighbor was involved in a traffic accident, and is currently in a coma.

Marvin looks absolutely terrified.

What's your favorite kind of place to go on a first date?

He is two hundred pounds in weight.

I'll be a few more minutes.

As soon as I can afford to buy a house, I will.

The province is relatively rich in mineral resources.

Give me a glass of milk.


All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

I can come back another time.

I told Conrad I'd like to talk to him.

I'm not quite sure what I should be doing.

Your behavior is too extraordinary.

It's too hot to go for a walk.

Frank is calling Marco.

I can stay here until you come back.

Let's not get caught doing this.

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I suggested that Elliott get some sleep.

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This is the hospital where I was born.

I had a bespoke suit made.

I thought I'd dropped something.

Did you do the homework by yourself?

Vidhyanath's family vacations in the mountains every summer.

Niall has been busy all morning.

I am hanging out the carpet.


I strongly agree with you.

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This book is way more interesting than that one.

You have eaten lunch, haven't you?

She suggested that I write to him at once.

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You go to the market.

I like going to the aquarium.

I needed to justify why I was earning such a large salary.


Just between ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed.

I hope you'll be well soon.

Happy are those who think themselves wise.

Tai isn't a bad person.

I told Rhonda I was interested.

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I've got to talk to you.


We had to compromise.

What would you like for supper?

He timed him during the marathon.


Louie says he'll do whatever we do.


Bradley was in his early thirties.


I'm not making myself clear, am I?

My mother is carefree, cheerful and good-natured.

A turbofan engine is the most modern variation of the basic gas turbine engine.

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Sometimes a verb is derived from a noun and sometimes it is the other way around.

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There are so many example sentences using "Vern" and "Mike". It's very strange.

I told them they shouldn't move.

Here's what I don't get.


I don't know how deep the lake is.


You have to drive us home.

Charleen got in the car with Vistlik and they drove off.

America and other colonial powers hoped for the end of the Russian Revolution.

I wish you all would go home.

Do you know how to use it?

The rain lasted four days.

I am supremely glad to hear it.


I didn't want to upset him.

Suddenly, there was a period of terrible violence and hatred between blacks and whites.

As he grew older, he became gentler.

"Where are your books?" "They are on the desk."

Thank you for helping me out.

Honzo wanted to do everything the right way.

What do you want to do? Go home?


I'm glad we hired you for this job.

I went there to talk to him.

I had a hard time finding his house.


I need to climb the tree.


The RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915.

I've got a bus to catch.

Per advised Rajeev not to go there alone.

I think that what he says isn't true.

You can only choose one.

We could hear the bells ringing from a nearby church.

Murph came for the sole purpose of getting information.

We should go talk to Dorothy.

Walk more slowly.

It's almost midnight in Boston.

It'd make sense.


I hope I can get my old job back.

Why do you hurt me so much?

The number of the chairs in the hall is 80.

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Please air the zabuton.

Tor is starting to sweat.

We tried to warn Raja.


I have to go to the hospital.

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Ronald almost always uses a credit card when he goes shopping.

I'm sure that Celia is a very busy man.

There is little wine left.

Come on, you can clap louder than that.

I'm not avoiding you.